Dear Parents, students, Colleagues and well wishers

Hari Om.

Many of you would have seen a workshop of smith. A smith is a craftsman who makes different weapons, implements and ornaments. In the present era of urbanized life style, it is no wonder if many of you had not seen one.

A goldsmith receives pure gold for making ornaments. He makes it malleable by adding the required quantity of copper in the required proportion, heats it to the required level, holds it with his forceps and keeps it on his anvil before striking with his hammer. All these processes shape the gold into beautiful ornaments. This is the same with other smiths like blacksmiths and weapon smiths, in the formation of implements and weapons. Quality of the material used, proportion in which other elements are mixed, degree of heat subjected to and the regulated force applied on the right anvil decides the quality, beauty and durability of the ornament.

Your school is the smith’s workshop where you enter as pure gold and come out ornamental coveted by the society. The more you struggle in the formative years the more your quality and durability in the service of humanity. Quality of gold and the quality of molding decide the admirability of the ornament.

I know you are all pure gold worthy of evolving into beautiful artifacts. I wish you undergo the initial stress to evolve into one of the finest human beings.

Wishing you all the best always,

With Prem & Om,

In the service of the lord,